Friday, July 29, 2011

Porting Genia POS Tagger 3.0.1 to Windows

I have just ported the latest version of Genia POS Tagger (3.0.1 ) to windows. One can use it on windows though without porting, via cygwin. In fact that was what I was doing so far. Lately, I decided for a reason to run the tagger as a server. So I wrote a Java wrapper. Today when I scanned through the code again I found that only a few adjustments can port the codes to windows. All one has to do is to change the put_stop_watch function in bidir.cpp. I replaced gettimeofday, which is not available in windows, with GetTickCount() from Windows.h. A few other minor adjustments are also required, like changing the paths to the model files etc.

You can download the windows port from here.